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Totnes market


What can DoctorBike do for me and my bike?
• safety checks
• minor fixes
• puncture repair
• quick service
• tune ups
• tips, tricks & advice
• estimates
• wheel truing
MARKET OFFER - all work done on the spot is for timeswap, barter or Totnes Pounds - or for nothing if that's all you can afford
• transplants
• amputations
• full service
• hydraulic brakes
• suspension service
• big fixes
• bike build
• wheel build
• courses
Done back in the workshop. Typically, I only take on jobs for friends or something interesting and the "costs" are arranged just like the market.
Anyone said good things about DoctorBike's work?

"My bike is better than when I bought it new. I'm loving it, thanks so much." - Town bike, stolen, trashed and luckily recovered; then fixed up by DoctorBike

"Wow. What a smooth ride! Thanks again. Am astounded that you tackled the front derailleur and managed to make it as beautiful as it now is." - USA mountain bike, full service, fork and pedal replacement

"It's just like when I got it new - brilliant." - Cannondale Lefty, full service, front wheel and headset sealed bearings replaced 

"I can get up hills I've never been able to cycle up on this bike. What did you do to it?" - vintage Viking hub geared bike, full service, gear adjustment

"Unbelievable - I can now true my own wheels. I never thought I'd be able to do that. Wicked!" - participant on bike maintenance course

"Ben does the best bike workshops I've been to. If you're in Totnes on a Saturday with a bike in need of love, go the market, he'll mend it for nothing or a swapsie of some form." - Dawes mountain bike and serial bike maintenance course attendee

"It's chuffin' brilliant!" - custom Specialized hybrid cobbled together from lots of bits and assembled with plenty love and attention for female biker

"Bike ran beautifully after you worked on it. Thanks again!" - vintage US Trek racer, medium overhaul and (crucial) safety check

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for fixing my bike - I am absolutely delighted and have been singing your praises all over." - neglected lower-end mountain bike lovingly overhauled

How can I repay DoctorBike?

In return for his work, Doctor Bike accepts:

  • Totnes Pounds
  • barter
  • time swap
  • sterling
  • hugs
  • organic pies, cups of tea
  • Riverford's gingerbread people
Replace or fix?
Most bikes DON'T need new bits, they just need love, lube and spannering.

Is DoctorBike qualified?

Bike maintenance training from Cycle Systems Academy (courses in 2011 and 2012) :

  • Level II C&G - cert# 98295213
  • Level II EAL - cert# 5500166140/80
  • Level III EAL - cert# 98575627

Before that? Blood, sweat, grease & tears from teenager onwards.

Got any maintenance videos?
The great folks at Cycle Systems Academy CycleSystemsAcademyLogohave a wealth of very clear videos. Click on the "tutorials" menu item on their home page and learn all about brakes and bottom brackets.
DoctorBike's safety checklist
Based on the "Can it stop? Can it steer? Can it go?" approach, please read this. essential document.

DoctorBike's maintenance course
DoctorBike puts on a 4-evenings maintenance course in Totnes. Here's what it covers and it's donation priced so that no one is prohibited from attending based on cost.

DoctorBike's specialist info
Suntour XCPro/XCComp thumbies - reassembly manual